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Product Description: 3 Piece Leaf Punch Set includes Pet, Laugh and Smile expressions


1 Set includes 3 facial expression: Pet, Laugh, and Smile.

Small enough for a pocket, easy enough for a 4 year old, one punch is all it takes to create joyful smiling leaves. 



Slip a leaf into your leaf punch and press down to create a perfect little face. Keep the underside of the leaf punch facing upwards to ensure you’ve inserted the leaf fully. 


Product Detail:

  • Size: Each leaf punch is a lightweight cube, roughly 2” x 2” x 2”

  • Safety: Plastic construction, zinc cutter. Cutter is covered, safe to operate.

  • Expression: Set includes 3 expressions

  • Ages: 4+

3 Piece Leaf Punch Set

SKU: SL004
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